cultivating and connecting emerging artist leaders

held in collaboration with 15+ community partner organizations 


ACI’s developed core curriculum training framework includes: entrepreneurship, artistic cultivation, cultural competence, monitoring and evaluation, leadership and learning diagnostics, and arts education. We partner with local organizations and thought leaders in Boston to deliver potent and relevant training for the artists that target a cross-disciplinary approach to arts leadership. Examples of this include “the Underbelly of Innovation” with professor Jennifer Bailey of Babson College, “Arts Leadership Innovation Panel” with local leaders from StageSource Theatre Company, MassCreative, and the Art & Business Council of Greater Boston, and the “Cultural Planning Process” with Julie Burrows, and more. Prior to each training we do an extensive needs assessment to best suit our artist leaders’ motivations and needs for learning. ACI’s 2016 artist training institute included our Artist-in-Residence, Chanel Matsunami Govreau, Hyppolite Ntigurirwa, and Andrea Gordillo, with collaborative work from our Artist-in-Residence Alumni, Basil Kincaid and Stephen Hamilton.